Here's What Our Students Say About Us


Lessons Are Fun With Helpful Tips For PSLE

I like my P6 science lessons at MyHomeTutor Campus with Mr. Viknesh. His lessons are fun and interesting and his tips for answering questions has helped me in my Prelim and I am sure that it would also help me in PSLE. I got an A for my Prelim.

I also like my lessons with Mr Tan as his lessons are fun and useful. His tips for synthesis and transformation helped me and I improved from a 0 to a 10. It really helped me reduce the number of careless mistakes I made in my Prelim and I got an A for it. Thank you both for helping me!

Christy Ong Jing Ya
Class: PSLE Challenging Science & English
Teacher: Mr Viknesh & Mr Tan

Fun, Interactive And Beneficial

I really like the lessons in PSLE Challenging Science and always look forward to them. I have learnt, through constant practice and some humour to answer my OE’s. The classes are very fun and highly beneficial to us. My science have improved after I joined the class and I highly recommend it for those weaker in the subject. My B’s have gone up to A's!

The lessons for PSLE Composition are really fun and interactive. Composition writing had just been turned into a fun game, growing our imagination from books and videos shared by the teacher. My composition which was previously an average of 21 has now been increased drastically to an average of 32 for every composition. There are always many useful power words provided that boost up my score.

Koh Wei Ting
Class: PSLE Challenging Science & Ace Your PSLE Composition
Teacher: Ms Siti & Ms Jeanne Liew

The Class Is Enjoyable And Easy To Understand

MyHomeTutor Campus helps me understand concepts that I have difficulties with. In class I was taught different topics like the water cycle and reproduction in plants. I understand science more easily now. I have improved in my science from Grade C to Grade A. I love MyHomeTutor Campus as it has helped me in my studies and it was one of the most enjoyable class I have ever had.

Kyrsten Aisha
Class: PSLE Challenging Science
Teacher: Mr Viknesh

Thank You For Helping Me Become Better!

MyHomeTutor Campus has helped me improve my marks really high! My Math teacher Mr. Viknesh helped me with a shorter and better math solution. The solutions worked really well for me that I scored 90, improving from 79.

My English teacher, Teacher Jeanne helped me improve from 63 to 73! I am really grateful for them. Thank you MyHomeTutor Campus!

Allysyia Nur Ashura Binte Abdul Halil
Class: PSLE Challenging Mathematics & English
Teacher: Mr Viknesh & Ms Jeanne Liew

MyHomeTutor Campus Is Highly Recommended

I enjoyed the lessons here at Myhometutor Campus. I always look forward to the lessons here as they are interesting and fun. The work here is challenging and it really helps with my school work. For Prelims, I was one mark away from A which I never expected. I always got 60+ for English examinations. The composition classes here exposed me to many kinds of topics. Brainstorming on the spot helps me to think quickly on my feet in exams. The teachers here are also very friendly! I highly recommend MyHomeTutor Campus to all students out there!

Shevonne Ng
Class: Ace Your PSLE Composition & PSLE Challenging English
Teacher: Ms Jeanne Liew

Scored A's For Math And Chemistry

Mr. Johan! Thanks so much for all that you’ve taught me during E Math lessons. Thanks to your detailed teaching and explanation, I was able to understand the various Math concepts better. As a result of your teaching, I was able to constantly score A for my Mathematics. For all the efforts you’ve put in teaching me, I would like to say THANK YOU!

Mr. Fadhir! Thank you so much for all that you’ve taught me throughout my 4 years in secondary school. Without your teaching, I certainly wouldn’t have improved so much for Chemistry. Thanks for always making Chemistry lessons FUN & INTERESTING, and of course putting in effort to bond the class together. Thanks to you, I managed to constantly score A for my Chemistry. I promise to continue to put in my best for Chemistry!

Leow Min
Class: Secondary 4 Challenging E Mathematics & Chemistry
Teacher: Mr Johan & Mr Fadhir

Science Improved From B To A

Teacher Tiffany has a kindred and an enthusiastic spirit that hypes up the class. She also adds mini quizzes to help us know our weaknesses in Science. Sometimes, quizzes come with prizes that add urgency and made us want to do well.

Ms Tiffany is also very approachable so we are not afraid to ask questions. If she were to be asked a question, her explanations are easy to understand. All in all she makes the lesson fun and interesting and leaves me yearning for more. My Science have improved from a B to an A.

Benjamin Ong
Class: Secondary 2 Challenging Science
Teacher: Ms Tiffany

I Got An A For My SA1!

I learnt the important Science keywords and I improved on my section B. Now I am more confident when I am doing section A and B. My teacher taught me well and the lessons are interesting and fun too!

Christy Ong Jing Ya
Class: Primary 5 Challenging Science
Teacher: Ms Joanna Tey

Ms Jeanne Makes Lessons Fun And Enjoyable

Ms Jeanne has taught me Science for 3 years in MyHometutor Campus. My grades improved from a B to an A after being taught by her. When we don’t understand she will teach and explain the concept to us. She will also draw concept maps to make us understand better. Last time, my Science improved by 2 to 3 marks every time. This little bits of marks slowly rise and I score better now! Her lessons are fun and exciting. Last year we used the lucky draw wheel and made funny nicknames. We had quite a laugh. I missed those days. As PSLE is coming we don’t have much games but Ms Jeanne always makes the lesson fun and enjoyable.

Ng Bei Qi
Class: PSLE Challenging Science
Teacher: Ms Jeanne Liew

What I Am Today Is All Because Of My Teacher!

My results have improved tremendously ever since I joined MyHomeTutor Campus. I like the classrooms as they are small, cozy and provide a great place to study but my favourite thing about MyHomeTutor Campus is my teacher. He guided me when I was lost. He supported me when I was weak. He has enlightened me and what I am today is all because of my teacher. Honestly, I feel that my teacher is like a candle as it consumes itself to light the way for others. My teacher’s efforts have made me improved from a B to an A. I will always remember all that he has done for me.

Class: PSLE Superstar (Science)
Teacher: Mr Viknesh

My Composition Skills Have Improved

My teacher, Ms Annie Sem, is a patient and kind-hearted teacher. When she returns our composition work, she would always explain our mistakes instead of expecting us to learn by ourselves. Her teaching has made my day shine as bright as my future.

If I have a chance, I won’t mind having to be taught by her again. With her patience, kindness and perseverance in teaching, my composition skills have finally improved. All the times spent in MyHomeTutor Campus has made it worthwhile for me to meet such a wonderful and caring teacher.

Tan Gee Rui
Class: Ace Your PSLE Composition
Teacher: Ms Annie Sem

Achieved A* For PRELIM

Thank you Ms Jeanne for teaching me Math for Primary 6. I have improved from 70+ (B) last year to 80+ (A) for my CA1 and SA1 this year. Recently, I have scored 96 marks (A*) for PRELIM. I enjoyed my lesson and learnt many topics from my teacher. I am also glad to make new friends here and explore the mystery in Mathematics together.

Ng Ming Hui
Class: PSLE Superstar (Math)
Teacher: Ms Jeanne Liew

Science Improved From B4 To A1

Dear Mr Fadhir,
Thank you for all you have done for me! My Science grade has improved tremendously from B4 to A1. All thanks to you, I have become a smart cookie! Looking forward to attending the Secondary 3 Chemistry lessons in 2018! It would truly be an engaging & enjoyable "Science journey" with you! All in all, thanks for everything that you have done. Your guidance & moral support is greatly appreciated!

Angie Ng An Qi
Class: Secondary 2 Challenging Science
Teacher: Mr Fadhir

Math Improved From B4 To A2

Dear Mr Kevin,
I couldn’t thank you enough for being patient in tutoring me for Math. My grade has improved from a B4 to an A2. I used to find Math a tedious subject & I disliked it. However, I now find it is a pleasure to study. Thank you for engaging me in the lesson & I hope to attend your lessons in the future!

Don Lim Wei Jie
Class: Secondary 4 Challenging E Mathematics
Teacher: Mr Kevin

Improvement In SA1 marks

My teacher is Mdm Pushpa. She is very kind. I got very low marks in CA1. Now in SA1, after I joined MyHomeTutor Campus, I scored very high marks! I love Mdm Pushpa! I will continue next year in 2018 to score even higher marks!

Ragavi Ravikumar
Class: Primary 3 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Mdm Pushpa

Grades Improved From C5 To A1

Dear Mr Johan,
Thank you for teaching us & for always being ready to offer us your help. My grade has improved from C5 to A1. I hope that you will still be teaching us next year.

Dear Mr Teacher Tiffany,
I definitely love the lessons. They have helped to improve my grade, from C5 to A1.

Tan Ying Quan
Class: Secondary 3 Challenging E Mathematics & Physics
Teacher: Mr Johan and Ms Tiffany

From A Fail To An A2

Although I have only joined this class recently, but with the help of my teacher, Ms Tiffany, my grade has improved a lot. It has gone from a fail to an A2.
Thank you so much!

Guo Xin Yi
Class: Secondary 1 Challenging Science
Teacher: Ms Tiffany

D7 To A2 In A Span Of 1 Term

Mr Fadhir is not just a teacher, but also a friend. Before lessons start, he would ask the class how our week has been. He also teaches in great detail, even if it is outside the school syllabus, just so that we can have a greater understanding of the topic in a fun & interesting way. Because of his help, my grade has improved from D7 to A2 in a span of only 1 term!

Shawn Hew
Class: Secondary 3 Challenging Chemistry
Teacher: Mr Fadhir

The Lessons Are Beneficial And Helpful

I was recommended to enrol with MyHomeTutor Campus by my sister, who has been with them since Secondary 1. She is now in Secondary 4. I enjoyed the lessons & found that the topics covered are identical to the ones my school is teaching. This is beneficial & helpful, because I get to ask more questions to clear my doubts, as I am generally shy in school. The lessons have helped me to improve my overall result. I will definitely recommend them to my classmates who are falling behind in Science or other subjects.

Gordon See Ming Xiang
Class: Secondary 2 Challenging Science
Teacher: Mr Fadhir

Grades Improved From B To A

Ms Lynn is a patient teacher who finds ways to explains concepts in a simple way. She provides us with practices & will make sure that we understand those concepts, so we know how to answer the questions, like those about the comprehension. My grade has improved from B to A.

Sherwin Lee Wei Xuan
Class: PSLE Challenging English
Teacher: Ms Lynn

English From A Borderline Fail To An A2

I have been taking English at MyHomeTutor Campus since the beginning of this year. I have to thank my teacher, Mr Cheng for helping me to develop more interest in English. He has helped me to improve my grade from a borderline fail to an A2.

Christabel Ho
Class: Secondary 3 Challenging English
Teacher: Mr Cheng

Finding Joy In Math!

Dear Mr Ernest,
I couldn’t thank you enough for tutoring me Math. Through you, I became more confident and finally knew how to deal with problem questions. After clearing all my doubts, Math isn’t a trouble. But instead it’s a joy!

Natasha Tan Si Ning
Class: Secondary 2 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Mr Ernest Khor

Ms Sarah Is The Best!

Hello, Ms Sarah Lim!
You helped me to feel more confident for my exams. I have passed my compo and it’s all because of you! I have also learnt many power words! I would like to study compo from you again! You make me very happy everytime I come here!

Jaimie Tan Shee Min
Class: Ace Your Composition (Intermediate)
Teacher: Ms Sarah Lim

My Science Has Improved!

Hi, Mr Tay!
Thank you for having faith in me. You gave me so much of knowledge. Without you I won’t feel so much more confident for the examinations. I wouldn’t have improved in Science if not for your interesting lessons. During your lessons, I have fun and learn altogether. I believe that with your teaching, I would be able to improve greatly in my Science in the next examinations. For your patience and encouraging words, I would like to say THANK YOU!

Leow Min
Class: PSLE Challenging Science
Teacher: Mr Tay Hock Hing

Thank You For Having Faith In Me

Hi! My Name is Nur Yuana Yuanie. Thank you Teacher Sarah Lim for having faith in me and teaching me to be better in compo. I feel very confident now. You are smart and I want to be smart like you too!

Nur Yuana Yuanie Bte Yusri
Class: Ace Your Composition (Intermediate)
Teacher: Ms Sarah Lim

I Scored A* For My Math!

MyHomeTutor Campus has a conducive environment for me to study in. Furthermore, my teachers are all very encouraging and patient with me. I have more confidence to excel in my exams as all the teachers have faith in me. I was exuberated when I scored A* for my Math! I would have not scored A* if it hadn’t been for MyHomeTutor Campus.

Brandon Low Sze Sheng
Class: PSLE Challenging English and PSLE Superstar Mathematics
Teacher: Ms Jeanne Liew and Mr Viknesh Subramaniam

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank you Ms Annie for guiding and supporting me and also to Mr Viknesh, your teaching is greatly appreciated.

Lew En Thong
Class: PSLE Challenging Science, English and Mathematics
Teacher: Mr Viknesh Subramaniam and Ms Annie Sem

I Enjoy Learning From You

I would like to thank you teacher for teaching me ratio, decimal, whole numbers and fraction. I enjoy learning it and I am improving my Math especially in ratio. Thank you for having faith in me. Without you, I do not know where I would be. You make a major difference in my life. Because of your sheer dedication to your students, you truly stand out.

When you teach Math, you always made extra sure that I understood the material since you also knew that is my weakest subject. I would never forget all the fun activities you have included in our class.

Nor Qistina Hamid
Class: Primary 5 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Mdm Aidah Salleh

I Learnt Many New Things

Mr Viknesh, thank you for helping me and teaching me English. Last year when I opened the door, I saw a tall teacher standing in front. He always makes jokes to cheer me up and always makes me answer questions. I hope he can help me further in my future to continue getting good results.

It was very challenging to be in his class as there many questions we have to face. I would do my best and pay attention to him as he always encourages me. I learnt many new things there and I trust that with him, I would be more attentive in class.

Pearlina Tan Qin Lin
Class: PSLE Challenging English
Teacher: Mr Viknesh Subramaniam

My A-Math Have Improved A Lot!

Thank you, Mdm Pushpa for helping me in my A-math. I have improved a lot since you started teaching me. I am really glad that I chose you as my A-math teacher. Although I did not pass this round, I have improved by 10 marks! I hope you can push me harder so I can get a B3 for my O-levels. Thank you!

Chiu Jia Jin
Class: Secondary 4 A Mathematics
Teacher: Mdm Pushparani Sarangapani

Your Explanations Are Crystal Clear!

Hi Mrs Ong!
Thank you for being so patient with me. You’re always so fun and engaging during lessons. Your explanations are all crystal clear, short and simple. My grades have definitely shown improvement after joining your lesson. Stay cheerful, pretty and humorous.

Ann Ang Jia Ning
Class: Secondary 2 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Mdm Esther Lim

It Is Fun To Study Here!

I love the teachers and this school because it is fun to study here and I have also learnt many new words.

Gabriel Chen Jing Jie
Class: Ace Your Composition (Elementary)
Teacher: Mdm Pushparani Sarangapani

1st Time I Got More than 70 marks for my Math

Dear Teacher Sarah,
Thank you for teaching me Mathematics patiently and helping me to understand it. I got 78 marks for my SA1. I feel so happy and jubilant because it’s the first time I got more than 70 marks for my Mathematics. I believe that I can score 80 marks and above soon.

Charlene Lee Wen Xin
Class: Primary 3 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Ms Sarah Lim

Happy Scoring 90 Marks For Math!

Dear Teacher Sarah,
I am so happy and elated because I scored 90 marks for Mathematics. I am very good at multiplication now and I can do mental sums very quickly.I enjoy doing my work in class as there is a time challenge with plenty of interesting graphics.

I also need to work harder on my English to score better grades. I enjoy attending your composition classes as well even though you give detention when I do not write well.

Jordan Ang
Class: Ace Your Composition (Intermediate) and Primary 3 Challenging Mathematics
Teacher: Ms Sarah Lim