Frequently Asked Questions

Our monthly fees are dependent on how many weeks there are in that month.

Level Tuition Fees per Lesson Monthly Tuition Fees Per Month
Primary 1 - 5 $35 $140 (4 weeks) - $175 (5 weeks)
Primary 6 - Secondary 1 $40 $160 (4 weeks) - $200 (5 weeks)
Secondary 2 $45 $180 (4 weeks) - $225 (5 weeks)
Secondary 3 - 4 $50 $200 (4 weeks) - $250 (5 weeks)

Parents can also purchase academy value that can be used to offset the lesson fees. For every $500 academy value purchased, there is an additional bonus value of $35 given.

Our tuition fees is the same regardless of the number of subjects.

You need to make payment for the first month, along with a 1-month deposit, in accordance to the number of lessons in that month. We also charge a $30 non-refundable registration fee per student, due upon enrolment. Unlike some other tuition centres, we do not charge for materials and/or worksheets.

We collect a 1-month deposit for every subject. This is a non-refundable deposit. It will be used to offset your child's fees for the last month he/she is enrolled with us.

For primary level, we offer English, Mathematics and Science. We also offer Creative Writing courses.

For lower secondary level, we offer English, Mathematics and Science. We also offer Writing courses.

For upper secondary level, we offer English, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

We do not offer Chinese.

We offer Superstar Mathematics and Superstar Science for P4 -P6 levels for higher achievers. Entrance will be dependent on the performance of the students in their school exam. Please approach our education consultant at our centre for more details. Fees and duration of Superstar classes also vary from the standard courses offered at our centre.

Please be assured that our students are not required to purchase additional supplementary materials, such as assessment books or papers.

You can make payment in cash, through NETS, and with VISA and Mastercard (minimum $500 for credit card payment). We do not accept payment in the form of cheques or electronic transfers.

You need to make payment for next month’s tuition fee before the last lesson of the current month.

We maintain teaching excellence by keeping our class sizes small. The teacher-to-student ratio ranges from 1:3 (minimum) to 1:12 (maximum).

We believe in providing a livelier, collaborative, and stimulating environment that can lead to a more enjoyable learning experience for your child. As such, we do not offer or recommend tutors for 1-to-1 tuition service.

Each lesson lasts for 90 minutes. For more advanced learners who are enrolled in our Superstar Classes, each lesson lasts for 120 minutes.

Our academic team does not believe in burdening students with unnecessary homework. Therefore, unless the teacher thinks it is necessary that your child needs more practice, there will be little work to be brought home. All work will be targeted to complete in class.

Depending on availability, your child can join another class for replacement within the same week. If the replacement class is not available, he/she can then obtain the worksheet from the counter, complete and submit it to the teacher for marking.

For your child’s benefits, we do suggest that he/she attends the full academic year’s lessons. However, you have the option to withdraw him/her before the academic year ends. To do so, please obtain a Withdrawal Form from our counter, fill it up and submit it to us with a minimum notice period of 1 month (30 days).

To avoid causing unnecessary disruption to our students’ progress, we are open throughout the whole year, including officially gazetted public holidays. The centre only closes on New Year Day and during the Chinese New Year week and during Christmas. Please approach our centre staff for information and details.

Classes commence in December and end in October. There will be no lessons during the month of November.

We are committed to establishing a first-rate teaching faculty that is armed with both strong academic expertise and sound pedagogy now-how. Please be assured that all our teachers are trained by the National Institute of Education (NIE), and certified to teach in Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) schools.